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Founded in 1954 by Tokuzo Inoue the company has grown into a world renowned manufacturer of Business radio, Amateur radio, Marine radio, Aviation radio, Navigation products and Communications Receivers. The company continues to look forward and recently the company has moved into digital Amateur radio products, digital two way radio products and systems.

ICOM products, across the globe, have a reputation for unsurpassed quality and reliability …so important when so many ICOM customers depend on its products for their livelihood and safety. ICOM radios are tested to pass rigorous in-house tests as well as environmental tests to the US Military standard 810 specifications. Over 50 years of engineering and production excellence is built in to every ICOM product. ICOM's Research & Development is renowned for developing ground breaking equipment. In recent years ICOM developed waterproof, buoyant radios for the marine market, advanced digital & HF radios for the Business and Amateur radio marketplaces.

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