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When the sun rose on the first family campers in America, Wenzel was there. Wenzels’ foundations lie in the wild frontiers of America supplying tents and supplies to the explorers and pioneers that helped shape America. 

At Wenzel, our mission is to help more families enjoy the outdoors. To do this, we run each product through a very specialized filter - Our families. New features for family camping are easy to talk about in boardrooms with power point presentations, but are a whole different story in the middle of the woods. We know what family camping is like, which is why we make the tents easy to set up, take down and pack away for next time. We make sleeping bags that unroll into roomy, warm cocoons that re-pack neatly to fit into tight spaces. We offer sleeping mats and beds that smooth out the rough forest floor, making outdoor experiences more comfortable than ever.

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