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HAD Originals - 100% Made in Germany

Our own production site in Germany has provided HAD, right from the first development at the end of the 90s, with the very best prerequisites to provide our customers with not only top quality, but a broad offering of current designs and product innovations.

The production of a HAD Original is essentially easy. Three simple steps, which however require years of experience to perfect and just the right match of man and machine. We operate bespoke circular knitting machines, finely tuned over many years and have developed textile treatment processes to provide you with HAD‘ s unrivalled stretch and robustness. The final printing and finishing ensures the important enduring colour intensity so you can enjoy your HAD Original over many years. 

Over the years many others have followed the market leaders, also offering so called "functional tubes", trying to replicate the originals. But without years of experience and a continuous drive for improvement, our quality standards can‘t be replicated.  We are proud to offer you again our newest designs, new product innovations and our promise to deliver the best quality, just in time!

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