RAILBLAZA is the brainchild of Ross Pratt and began its life as a mounting system for holding things to the back of his quad-bike. Once the initial concept was developed, Ross realised this system had merits in the marine industry also. Since dispatching their first shipment in March 2010, people the world over have discovered how useful RAILBLAZA products are, we now sell in nearly 50 countries.

What sets RAILBLAZA apart from its competition is the simplicity of our StarPort mount, the ease with which people fit it, and the diverse range of situations it's used in. StarPort can be surface mounted and remain low profile, or the profile can be reduced even further with minimal rear intrusion.

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  1. Camera Mount R-Lock
    Railblaza R-Lock Camera Mount

    SKU: 890-02413011

    In stock
    SRP ex vat: £26.67
  2. Railblaza Rod Holder II-Black
    Railblaza Rod Holder II-Black

    SKU: 890-02402011

    In stock
    SRP ex vat: £21.67
  3. Railblaza Rod Holder Extender
    Railblaza Rod Holder Extender

    SKU: 890-02413711

    In stock
    SRP ex vat: £10.83
  4. Railblaza Kayak/Canoe Transducer Arm
    Railblaza Kayak/Canoe Transducer Arm

    SKU: 890-02406111

    In stock
    SRP ex vat: £35.83
  5. Railblaza Screen Grabba R-Lock
    Railblaza Screen Grabba R-Lock Kit

    SKU: 890-04413111

    In stock
    SRP ex vat: £45.83
  6. Railblaza Visibility Kit II
    Railblaza Visibility Kit II

    SKU: 890-04408411

    In stock
    SRP ex vat: £80.83
  7. Railbaza Dinghy Visibility Kit
    Railblaza Dinghy Visibility Kit

    SKU: 890-04411911

    In stock
    SRP ex vat: £80.83
  8. Railblaza Swing Arm R-Lock
    Railblaza Swing Arm R-Lock

    SKU: 890-02414711

    In stock
    SRP ex vat: £19.17

Items 1-8 of 152

per page
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