JRC Contact Oval Brolly
JRC Contact Oval Brolly

JRC Contact Oval Brolly


If you’re an angler who wants to get set up on the bank in seconds then you’re going to love this JRC Contact Oval Brolly. Based on the traditional oval brolly design but featuring technological modifications to the plunger, this is a far cry from the standard brollies that you’ll have seen lining the banks. This is a brolly for the mobile angler, one who really understands the importance of keeping on top of the fish at all times, and it is an ideal shelter for the standard day session. As this is a brolly designed for movement, you won’t be surprised that one of the biggest benefits is its light weight. Tipping the scales at only 5kg, this brolly is ideal for strapping to your rod sleeve or quiver on barrow-less days – allowing you to transport it around the bank with ease.

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  • Lightweight, compact and fast set up
  • Detachable heavy duty nylon groundsheet
  • Double taped seams
  • Oversized side panels
  • Improves protection against the weather
  • Aluminium telescopic support poles on either side
  • Makes the oval self-supporting
  • Supplied with pegs and a nylon carry bag
  • Large inner space thanks to low profile plunger
  • PU coated nylon outer shell with a 10000HH rating
  • 100% nylon 210D
  • Fibreglass ribs
  • Weight: 5kg

JRC is particularly proud of this brolly’s plunger design. The team has worked long and hard to significantly reduce the profile of the plunger, ensuring that you can enjoy the maximum amount of internal space possible. This makes sitting in the JRC Contact Oval feel spacious, despite the fact that it has the same footprint as any other traditional 60 inch oval. What’s more, it also features extended storm sides. These wrap around significantly further than most other brollies and the benefits of these are two-fold. Firstly, as you might expect, these storm sides provide impeccable protection from the elements. This means that you can use this brolly on even the windiest and rainiest of autumn days and you’ll still feel completely sheltered. Secondly, these storm sides provide another, less expected, benefit. Due to the fact that they arch around the brolly they actually give the feeling of increased internal space. They allow you to shelter a greater amount of tackle from the worst of the weather and ensure that you never feel cooped up when you’re on the bank. These are supported by the supplied telescopic support poles, which also gives the brolly an additional contact point with the ground in order to aid with stability.

The JRC Contact Oval Brolly is constructed from 100% oxford nylon. This is not only 210 denier in thickness but it is also PU coated, ensuring that it can offer a whopping 10,000mm hydrostatic head rating. This is exceptionally waterproof and this is one brolly which can more than simply withstand the worst of the British elements. One of the weakest areas of most shelters tends to be the seams. This is because the stitching process creates a myriad of holes in the fabric, damaging its waterproof integrity. However, this isn’t something you have to worry about with the JRC Contact Oval Brolly. This is because all of the seams on the brolly have been taped. This means that the seams are completely sealed in their own waterproof coating, ensuring that they are every bit as water resistant as the main fabric. The JRC Contact Oval Brolly also features a ribbed rain guard, which runs around the edge of the brolly. This directs the water away from the front of the brolly, meaning that you never experience rain drip off from the front of the brolly. You can sit in the brolly safe in the confidence that you are completely protected from the elements and you are never at risk from annoying rain run-off.

The brolly comes supplied with high quality pegs and a nylon carry bag. It also comes with a full heavy duty groundsheet, which simply velcros into the brolly and it ensures that you always have somewhere dry to store your luggage. Rod retainer straps give you somewhere to store your carp rods whilst you’re rigging up between takes, too, and they are a nice bonus feature that aren’t always found on brolly systems.

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