Airmar B258 DT XID 50/200Blq 2M Cable


Airmar 41-456-2-01 B258 1KW 50/200 Transducer with Humminbird 9 Pin Connector

(No fairing block included)

The B258 is an excellent, economical 1 kW, dual frequency transducer for anglers. Its unique four ceramic element construction produces an elliptical beam pattern that covers a wider area and produces excellent target resolution. The combination of 200 kHz and 50 kHz make it a great option for both shallow and deep water use. The included high-performance fairing provides excellent performance at speeds up to 30 knots (34 MPH).

SRP ex vat: £1,086.22
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  • Depth and fast-response water-temperature sensor
  • 1 kW
  • 50/200 kHz producing elliptical patterns for wider coverage
    • 50 kHz - 15° x 21°
    • 200 kHz - 3° x 5°
  • Recommended boat size: above 9 m (30')
  • Provides greater surface area resulting in better sensitivity
  • Exclusive Xducer ID technology
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