ICOM Antenna Stubby M35
ICOM Antenna Stubby M35

ICOM Antenna Stubby M35


VHF Stubby Antenna (150-162Mhz).

Height: 3".

Works with Icom F11, F14/S, F3001, F3003, F3011, F3021, F3021T/S, F3023T/S, F33GT/GS, F3161DT/DS, T/S, F3163T/S, and F70DT/DS series radios.

SRP ex vat: £18.00
Delivery: 3-5 days

If you work in an environment where range is not critical, you may want to replace the standard Icom antenna with a much shorter stubby antenna. Specifically designed for by Icom, you may lose some transmission range, but not quality. If you are tired of having the standard antenna get in the way, give one of these a try. .