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  1. Shakespeare 3dB 1.2m Galaxy white fibreglass extended performance
    Shakespeare Galaxy Extended Performance Fibreglass 3dB VHF Ant - 1.2m

    SKU: 818-5400-XP

    🟢 In Stock
    SRP ex vat: £175.49
  2. Shakespeare 6dB 2.4m Galaxy white mast mount antenna brass and copper
    Shakespeare Galaxy Extra Tough 6dB VHF Antenna - 2.4m

    SKU: 818-5225-XT

    🟢 In Stock
    SRP ex vat: £166.29
  3. Shakespeare 2.4m VHF Antenna
    Shakespeare 5101S VHF Antenna - 2.4m

    SKU: 818-5101S

    🟢 In Stock
    SRP ex vat: £97.20
  4. Shakespeare 3dB 1.2m Fibreglass VHF Antenna
    Shakespeare Fibreglass 3dB VHF Antenna - 1.2m

    SKU: 818-5104

    🟢 In Stock
    SRP ex vat: £91.53
  5. Shakespeare 3dB 1.5m white gloss fibreglass Antenna
    Shakespeare 427-S 3dB VHF Antenna - 1.5m

    SKU: 818-427-S

    🟢 In Stock
    SRP ex vat: £90.11
  6. Shakespeare 3dB 1.5m white floss fibreglass Antenna
    Shakespeare 427-N 3dB VHF Antenna - 1.5m

    SKU: 818-427-N

    🟢 In Stock
    SRP ex vat: £78.79

6 Items

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