Shopify Integration Instructions

Our website provides automatically updated feeds for integration with third party eCommerce platform.

Please find below the instructions to integrate your Shopify Store with our catalogue.


    This feed contains all product information and would be used as the initial import into Shopify as a manual one‐off process using the Shopify built‐in import tool.

  2. STOCK & PRICE (Ex VAT):
    STOCK & PRICE (Inc VAT):

    These feeds are to be used to update stock levels and prices once the initial import has been run. We would recommend that this is run nightly utilising an automated tool such as Matrixify. Select the feed based on whether you need to import prices including or Excluding VAT.
    (‐export‐import) There are other plugins available, so please do select the right one which suits your needs and budget.


    This feed will contain all new products added in the last 7 days and should be run every 7 nights via the same tool as selected above. Please ensure that the initial run of this feed is 7 days following the first initial import, in order to prevent product duplication.


    This feed will contain all of the SKUs that have been disabled/discontinued and should be removed from the site. This is a separate feed as it is felt easier for customer to exclude specific products, rather than work out what isn’t included from the feeds above.


  • Although we have tested these feeds against a default Shopify template, we have not tested it against every Shopify configuration possible. Therefore, if you do have issues using the feed, please do highlight this to us and we will assist where we are able to.
  • If you wish to disable products, edit content etc this will only be overwritten IF the initial import is re‐run.

I have questions or need help

We would be pleased to assist you as much as we can. To get in touch, please email your questions to our Marketing Manager, Sam Adams on [email protected] who will be able to assist