Snowbee 1D Spey Line
Snowbee 1D Spey Line

Snowbee 1D Spey Line


Suitable for Spey casting in small rivers where bank side vegetation and/or steep sided river banks severely limit the back cast area.

This listing is for the Spey 1D, see related products for our range of Spey 2D lines. Both available in floating only. 

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  • Head Length Height: 51ft

Weight Options Select between:

  • 8/9 (36g) Manufacturers Part No: 1D8/9F
  • 9/10 (40g) Manufacturers Part No: 1D9/10F
  • 10/11(44g) Manufacturers Part No: 1D10/11F

On large open rivers there is normally plenty of room for Spey casting and the size of the D loop is not a limiting factor.

Spey casting your way down a tree-lined or steep sided river however adds another dimension. Using a line with too short or too long a head and finding the optimum rod load point is left pretty much to guesswork.

Snowbee’s development team has tackled the situation head on and produced a range of lines that are perfectly balanced for Spey casting in just about any river environment.

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SKU 735-1D10/11F-CONFIG
Brand Snowbee
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