SMG Product Feed

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Download the SMG Europe Product Feed Here

The SMG product feed is a tab delimitded UTF-8 csv file that is compatible with Microsoft Excel and OpenOffice. To ensure that the file displays correctly please read the instructions below.

How to view the SMG Europe Product Feed

Microsoft Excel

1) Download the product feed

2) Open a blank workbook in Excel

3) Click on the "data" menu tab

4) Click the "Get Data" and select "From File" > "From Text/CSV"


5) Select the file you downloaded at step 1 and click "Open"

6) The following preview window will appear, Ensure that the Dropdown box under Delimiter is displaying as "Tab". If the preview displays correctly click load to finish importing the data.


1) Download the product feed

2) Right Click on the file and select "Open With" > "OpenOffice Calc"

3) The following Import Screen will appear, Ensure that "Tab" is selected under the Separator options.


4) Click OK, The Feed will Now load into OpenOffice